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KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Decal

This set of daisy decals can be applied the way I have displayed them or cut and applied any way you like to create a unique look that is all your own. Included are 16 daisy decals (10 lg & 6 sm) just the right size for your KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Cut from highest quality, waterproof vinyl and hand weeded with care for an outstanding finished product. Feel free to choose from any color displayed on my color chart. Just be sure to include your color preferences in the “Buyer’s Comments” section when ordering.KitchenAid Stand Mixer Decal

Kitchen Aid mixer subway art – cooking baking mixing vinyl decal sticker

This decal comes in one easy to apply piece that wraps over the top of the mixer. Words are on both sides. There are small arrows for easy alignment in the middle of the decal. This design measures 8.5″ tall by 7″ wide. All our decals are available in other sizes. Please contact us if you need a special size or have any questions about a design. Our vinyl decals are easy to apply and easy to remove, without damaging walls. Easy to follow application instructions come with every order. We use high quality, interior grade matte vinyl. This special vinyl is made for interior use and because it has a matte finish, it gives the appearance of being hand painted on the wall. Wall decals are removable but not reusable.Kitchen Aid mixer subway art - cooking baking mixing vinyl decal sticker


Mid Century Grater Slicer

The grater / slicer is made from solid steel, with a poppy red base – food is fed through the top chute where it meets the action of the grater drum inside, as propelled by the wooden handle on the side – grated food is then dispensed out the side of the lower drum. A wing nut at the top of the handle allows the grater drum to be removed for cleaning. This model would have originally also had a slicer drum insert but sadly this has been lost. This is the free-standing grater model – other versions came with a clamp – and has a suction cup on the base, activated by the black handle, to hold it in place when in use.Mid Century Grater Slicer

The grater is in good vintage condition – no rust, chips or damage to the main body. It has the original ‘Spong’ sticker on the base and although there are scuffs to the poppy red paint work, this adds to the vintage industrial feel and it is in perfect working condition. Sticker on base reads ‘Spong – Founded 1856 – Made in England’. The model number ’735′ is moulded on one side of the upper drum, with ‘Spong & Co Ltd’ on the other; ‘Versatile Slicer & Grater’ is moulded on one side of the lower drum and ‘Made in England’ on the other.

Sunbeam Toaster

Sunbeam Toaster Retro Chrome

I am offering a vintage Sunbeam toaster, model T-10B-1. This vintage Sunbeam two-slice pop-up toaster looks very nice on the outside, with just minimal scratches. The chrome shines, and is absolutely free of rust and pitting. The inside of this retro chrome Sunbeam toaster has some minor rust spots as well as general signs of use. All bakelite parts are completely chip- and crack-free. This retro toaster is fairly clean (the outside is VERY clean), but please expect some crumbs to dislodge during shipment.

Functioning: This Sunbeam T-10B-1 toaster toasts bread well, but it does have one minor issue: When the toast cycle is finished, the lever pops up a little (and the toaster stops), but you manually need to lift the lever in order to raise the toast fully. Perhaps it can be adjusted to pop up fully, otherwise it can be used successfully just as it is.Sunbeam Toaster Retro Chrome

Antique Housewares Wolff Visible Toaster Stove

Rustic stove top toaster–marked Wolff Visible Toaster–place on top of a stove burner–turn burner on and place bread on rack as pictured–this appliance will make toast on top of the stove. Rustic, primitive decor–great for the cabin and farmhouse–wires fold flat for storage and shipping.

Size: 8 1/2″ diameter x 4 1/4″ tall at the center.Antique Housewares Wolff Visible Toaster Stove


Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ

A combination oven that boasts 1000W of microwave power together with a 1300W quartz grill and a convection oven with a temperature range of 100 -220oC, as with other ovens in the Panasonic range the fan of the Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ has been moved from the back to the top of the unit – this allows a capacity of 27 litres (0.95 cubic foot) in a unit measuring H31 x W 52 x D39.5cms – the impressive figure being the relatively shallow depth. The capacity translates into a cavity with the usefully-large dimensions of H21.7 x W35.9 x D35.2 – the turntable is a hefty 34cms; big enough for the most generous of dinner plates.Panasonic-NN-CT579SBPQ

Featuring six power settings and 13 auto programs controlled by push buttons and a neat scrolling text display that gives useful prompts, the Panasonic NN-CT579SBPQ also plays host to the usual collection of programs with such things as auto cook and auto defrost all present and correct. With a push button door release ensuring there is no danger of pulling the machine towards you when opening the door, there is still some skittering away when pushing the buttons. Some of the button labels can be a bit hard to read too being etched into the stainless steel.

Truly Green Steam Iron from AEG

Truly Green steam iron from AEGThe first truly Green steam iron is based on the excellent AEG Electrolux 4Safety steam iron and makes the rather unpopular duty of getting your garments wearable on public again after a wash, a much less annoying chore.

The versatile AEG DB 5136GR 4Safety Green was developed with great theme of sustainability in play. Even the packaging is made ​of 99% recycled paper, going much further than a typical packing box. The iron housing is made using at least 33% of recycled plastics, white the water and electricity consumption is cut by one-third when compared to other steam irons.Truly Green steam iron from AEG

The AEG 4Safety Green stops whenever is ON but not being used. If this steam iron is active and then left on its bottom or side, it shut automatically off in just 30 seconds. In the upright position, it goes off in 8 minutes. In addition, the DB 5136GR 4Safety Green sounds an audible alarm and gives a light signal indicating the shutdown. This ensures maximum security and saves around 30% in electricity and water. AEG calculation claims that someone who irons around two and half hours per week will save some € 60 in 6 years, meaning that the truly first Green steam iron which currently sells for around € 50, will more than pay for itself.


Water Kettles

Morphy Richards Meno Hot Water Dispenser

The Morphy Richards Meno Hot Water Dispenser 43922 is a modern kettle. On traditional kettles you would fill up what looked like a jug and then this would heat up all of the water within. This doesn’t happen with modern kettles; however, instead you place your mug or jug underneath the kettle and press the button. It will then dispense the perfect amount of boiling hot water to fill your drinking vessel.
As it only heats the water that is being dispensed, the Morphy Richards Meno Hot Water Dispenser 43922 is very eco-friendly. The Morphy Richards Meno Hot Water Dispenser 43922 can hold up to 1.8 litres of water, which is a good amount and should keep you all in hot drinks for a while.MorphyRichards-MenoHotWaterDispenser43922

Tefal BR400815 Express Boil

Boiling very quickly, the Tefal BR400815 has a maximum capacity of two liters, which is larger than most of the other kettles on the market and is more than enough to make multiple hot drinks or to pour into a saucepan full of vegetables to cook them. The large capacity also means you’ll have to fill it less, which will again save you time.

The Tefal BR400815 Express Boil is extremely simple to use, where the Express Boil becomes slightly unstuck is when being refilled with the unit proving awkward to top up and extremely heavy when brimming with water.Tefal-BR400815ExpressBoil


Mercury 1082 induction range cooker


The latest from Mercury is the 1082 dual fuel range cooker, designed with meticulous attention to detail in stainless steel and 7 vibrant, stainless steel trimmed colours, including Blueberry, Purple Haze, Truffle, Oyster, Snowdrop, Liquorice and Ash Black. The induction range cooker offers top rated performance, cooking flexibility and cutting edge styling, add a bold statement to any modern kitchen. Now owned by Aga, Mercury range cookers share many basic features with Falcon and Rangemaster ranges.

Electrolux InfiSight oven delivers professional results


Inspired by Electrolux professional appliances, used in 50% of the world’s Michelin star kitchens, the Electrolux InfiSight pyrolitic oven helps you achieve high standards of cooking in your very own home. The Electrolux InfiSight will guide you through a rich database of recipes to find the perfect settings for your dish. The InfiSight colour screen oven intuitively navigates through the database to choose between 13 heating modes, 87 preset cooking programs and 18 functions. You can even create up to 20 settings of your own. The screen will then display your selected heating mode, the actual temperature and the remaining cooking time.

Battery operated Coffee To Go espresso machine


Available in black, red, white and anthracite, the Coffee To Go is portable battery operated espresso machine from Trisa. It can deliver 16 espressos per battery charge, using standard ESE pads. The Coffee To Go espresso machine comes with 350 ml removable water tank with water filter, removable drip tray for easy cleaning and travel case with belt. In case you forget to switch it off, To Go shuts off automatically after 7 minutes of doing nothing. If the battery gets completely flat, you should not draw any coffee during the first 30 minutes of charging. The battery is completely charged when the indicator light goes out. If the water level is too low, an acoustic noise sounds and the machine cannot be switched on. Price is 500 CHF. Trisa.

Simplify Cooking in Kitchen

Mauviel hot chocolate pots

Based on a traditional French design, the Mauviel hot chocolate pots are perfect for preparing and serving hot chocolate. Made of heat-responsive polished or chrome plated copper, this hot chocolate pot has a wide bottom that speeds heat conduction, and sleek conical shape that minimizes evaporation. The pot ash wood handle stays cool and provides a comfortable handhold, and the spout is positioned for easy pouring down to the last drop. Lined with tin, the pots are made in France by Mauviel.mauviel-hot-chocolate-pot-copper

Bosky cookers

Made in Italy, the Bosky cookers are quite popular in Europe and Australia, and associated with the strongest and most prestigious solid fuel central heating products. The Bosky range cooker has exceptional versatility and exclusive characteristics. It heats radiators and floors, produces hot water accumulated in a combined boiler, warms the area in which it is installed thanks to the heat from its cooking surface, and ensures exceptional cooking at differential temperatures, due to its ample cooking surface and incorporated oven. Bosky cookers come in several finishes to blend into any decor. Bosky 60/90 and Bosky Super 920 cookers are available with optional electric oven for use in summer months. Bosky is welcomed into the most selective households because of its exclusive and refined, technical and aesthetic features. The Super Bosky 920 Ceramic kitchen stoves feature vitrified (glass-fused to metal) tops and water-heating tanks so that food may be hygienically cooked anywhere on the cooking surface.bosky-cooker-super-